Hurricane Katrina Disaster Response Presentation

Readings: Chapter 17: Disaster Response

Disaster Management and Violation of Human Rights and Environmental Justice, for Power

point presentation: 10 slides provide citations and references.

Consider a disaster or a crisis event. Gather news stories, TV and Media reports and respond to

the following

Describe the nature and type of event; Dates, number of household impacted, extent of

disruption and damage, and consequential need to serve the community.

Describe the role of Homeland Security and other Federal Agencies (

) in responding and restoring the lively hoods of the population impacted.

Describe the role of policies, macro and micro that help or hinder resettlement and resilience

efforts of the community at the local level. You must cite at least one policy that hinder the

normal livelihood of the citizens impacted by the crisis event. Provide citations and support

your case. Demonstrate Critical thinking

10 Power point slides: Content must respond to the criteria rubric.