HUS 1632 Rasmussen College Working with Clients Paper

Previously, we focused on active listening and the importance of paraphrasing throughout verbal conversations with clients. In our conversations with clients, we help them address their needs so that a plan towards correcting deficient areas can occur through collaboration. The written assignment for Module 04 looks into effective Human Services practices and instances of success stories from work with diverse client populations. In a three-page, double-spaced paper, do the following:

Step 1: Conduct an online search of instances where case management and/or the assistance from a Human Services Professional or agency/organization has been effective in working with either individuals, families, groups, or communities.

Step 2: Choose, at minimum, two or more ‘success stories’ from your research and provide a summary of how and why intervention has been successful (either through case management and/or where resources have been provided).

Step 3: With the ‘success stories’ that you have reviewed through your research. Pretend as though you are a Human Services Professional and you have been working with a distressed client for a period in which there was a ‘turnaround’—either positively or negatively. Why is it important to maintain detailed documentation when interacting with clients from the time that we initially interview them up until the termination phase of providing assistance?

Step 4: Per case study, identify at least one skill of the Human Services Professional that helped lead to success of client. How did this skill help to ensure the success of the client? How could you foster that skill to help future clients?

Page Length: 3 minimum
Sources: 3 minimum