I missed my topic name. my mistake, everything we need to re-write. no worries i will pay. Research about slavery between 1600 to 1880.

The topic needs to be slavery from 1600 to 1880. so please do not use sources that write about the consequences going on after that point (for example, do not use sources that are writing about reparations for American blacks now).

Research topic is in the time frame of 1600 through about 1880,

write a one-page summary on each of your two scholarly sources,

The purpose of a summary is to identify and briefly discuss the main points a writer makes in his or her written piece. It should be clear that you read the source and that your summary is on that particular source and not a list of general informat.

It should be very clear which summary is about which source. An introductory sentence in each summary such as “In ______’s article “____________,” she discusses . . . .” is necessary.

Quotes, if used at all, should be very short, as your summaries themselves are very short.

Do NOT use direct words from your sources without putting them in quotation marks and putting a page number in parentheses behind them