LACC tImplications of Social Class on Physical and Mental Health

I think you should know that what I’m primarily interested in is that you really understand the consequences of social stratification, or social class. And, by the way, make sure that you know the difference between the two concepts. You may want to discuss, for instance, the impact of social class on any one of the following; family life, political orientation, physical and mental health, the criminal justice system, education, or religion. In other words, use social class as an independent variable in explaining its impact in your life on one of the suggested dependent variables listed above. Please make sure that you discuss no more than two dependent outcomes.

Your completed paper must be in APA format. Moreover, you must support your discussion with a minimum of four scholarly sources, excluding the text

The reason I selected this topic is because understanding how we’re shaped by society’s structures is closely related to the sociological imagination – the all-important concept developed by C. Wright Mills.