Moral Reasoning And Contemporary Issues Ethical Theory Analysis Help

Briefly describe YOUR own ethical theory (how YOU make ethical decisions) giving enough detail that I could use it to apply to any ethical decision (a paragraph or 2), please refer to at least 1 specific ethical dilemma we discussed in class (perhaps the drunk co-worker, or grandma and the sweater, or the boss asks you to do something that goes against your ethics). How if at all does your ethical theory fit with issues of life and death (such as abortion, capital punishment, assisted suicide, etc.) If your answer to the life/death questions depends upon personhood, please briefly define personhood. What are some of the components of a “happy” or “good” or “meaningful” life? Is ethics a part of the aforementioned life? If so, how? Finally, is there an ethical obligation to engage in a profession which makes the world a better place and/or expresses your true self? For example do YOU have an ethical obligation for YOUR job to contribute to the betterment of the world or to a greater amount of happiness, etc.?