Movie viewing questions "Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room"

Opinion based. MLA style is not mandatory. Sources not required. Extremely short responses is all that is required…

Instructions: Write a few sentences or more on each of the following questions. Note: Take notes during the film — even in the dark!

Capitalism is vital to our way of life, and yet the Enron case clearly shows ways
in which this economic system may be abused. What kinds of abuses did you
witness in the film? What kinds of vices were evident? All economic systems (as is true of all “systems”) have their weaknesses. What
weaknesses in the capitalistic system were evident in the film, “Enron: the
Smartest Guys in the Room?” How do you think an egoist, Aristotle would have advised Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling if they were their Ethics Officers? How would you characterize Andy Fastow’s role in this company and the repercussions of his role?Who do you think is responsible for Enron’s downfall? Why? Think carefully
about this one!Enron’s slogan was “Ask Why?” Does that strike you as ironic? Socrates loved
to ask “why?” What do you think are some questions that he would ask Ken Lay,
Jeffrey Skilling, and Andy Fastow? Do you think that we now live in a “Culture of Greed?” Are all of us guilty in our
own ways of perpetuating a “Culture of Greed?” Did you find mark to market accounting ethical? Explain.What motivated Lou Pai’s actions? (Note well: your answer should be PG-13).What was your knowledge about Enron before this documentary? What did you learn and how are you able to apply it in your life?