NSG6103 South University Learning Outcomes and Strategies Discussion

In Part 2 of the scenario from Week 1, you are the new Dean of Nursing in the fictitious University of the Seven Seas, College of Nursing (USS CON) and you are tasked to design a BSN curriculum for the new nursing program. This week you will write your learning outcomes (similar to your goals but more narrow in focus), and evaluation strategies. Remember that program outcomes flow from and are reflective of your nursing department philosophy and goals.For Part 2 of the Scenario you will develop your learning outcomes and evaluation strategies. You will create a 6–8-page paper (excluding title page, references, and Appendices) addressing these items. Be sure to include:Learning outcomes that represent a vision of what students would achieve.Evaluation strategies that will illustrate how you will measure that your learners met the learning outcomes, through standardized tests and other means.Program, Course, and Student Evaluations. Use the following questions to develop these evaluation strategies:Program evaluation:What are the accrediting bodies’ requirements for program evaluation?Who will be responsible for preparing the report?How often does a report have to be written?Course evaluation:Does the university have a standard course evaluation form?What information would be included in a course evaluation form?Who would be responsible for administering the course evaluations?How will you ensure student confidentiality and privacy?Student evaluation:How often will you do formative evaluations of the students?How often will you do summative evaluations of the students?How will you measure that your learners have met the learning outcomes (through standardized tests and other means)?What will be the grading scale for the program?How will the program deal with students who grieve their grades?Your learning outcomes and evaluation strategies should be completed in a Word document and submitted to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned.Be sure to follow proper APA guidelines in your paper.