Philosophy 1

this paper need a outline and between 800 and 1000 words

Prompt: Choose exactly one argument from the list of options below and advance an

objection to it. Make sure to fully explain the argument itself and any necessary background, then advance your objection to it, then consider and address some potential responses to your objection. Follow all of the instructions.

List of options: (Remember: choose one)
(1) The Argument from Suffering (p. 20) (Do not deny that God is an “omnibeing”)

(2) The Argument for Betting on God (p. 34)

(3) The Desire Argument (p. 45)

(4) The Argument from Determinism (p. 50) (Do not deny the truth of determinism)

(5) The Doomed Regardless Argument (p. 53)Labeling:o Put your perm number but NOT YOUR NAME on front (blind grading)o Include an exact word count on frontFormatting:o Double-spaced with one inch marginso Times New Roman size 12 (or something close)References:o Cite “(Korman p. X)” (where X = page #) when referencing textbook
o Cite “(lecture slides)” when referencing lecture slides
o No need for a bibliography if you reference only textbook and/or slides o Need a bibliography if you reference anything else (not recommended)


1.Learning from Arguments An Introduction to Philosophy…

2.Pascal’s Wager

excerpted from Pens ́ees,

available on Project Gutenberg…