PHIS250 Felician University Philosophy and Immigration Paper


the paper must have the following distinct sections

1. Introduction and Justification of Topic

the topic I picked Topic: Immigration

2. Theory 1->Pro Arguments 1 and 2

Theory 2->Against Arguments 1 and 2

(please note: the two theories you only have to use)the For argument: utilitarian theory the Against Argument: Rule utilitarian

verified it on the essay

3. Your Positionality

(Use the term-emotive, subjective)

4. Conclusion

– Please look to the powerpoint this is the final paper to understand the theories and use the outline I attach below .

– Minimum of 3 refs on work cited pg (primary or secondary sources, peer reviewed articles, .org, .gov, .edu, are acceptable)

– Plagiarism score must be below 10%