Pliny’s Letter to Trajan and In the Martyrdom of Polycarp?

Discussion Board : What was the Roman attitude toward Christians and the Christian response to Rome, as described in Pliny’s Letter to Trajan and in the Martyrdom of Polycarp? In what sense did Justin Martyr articulate a different approach to Rome in his First Apology? How did these different responses to Rome shape Christian identity?

Please write a concise and well-organized response (between 400 and 600 words). You should i) base your argument on examples from the primary sources and lectures; ii) demonstrate knowledge of the basic historical narrative supplied by the lectures and textbook; iii) display critical thinking by developing a logical argument and articulating a well-supported position; and iv) use standard English grammar and punctuation.

Introduction and Module 1: Christian Identity in the Roman World
Introduction to the Course
Textbook: Justo L Gonzalez, The Story of Christianity (=Gonzalez, Story) 13-30

The Jewish Matrix of Early Christianity Textbook: Gonzalez, Story, 15-39 Source: Paul’s Letter to the Galatians

The Ekklesia and its institutions
Source: The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles

Roman religious policy; the conversion of Constantine Textbook: Gonzalez, Story, 49-58, 131-148 Source: Pliny’s Letter to Trajan; Martyrdom of Polycarp

The Christian reception of Greek religious thought Textbook: Gonzalez, Story, 59-68 Source: Justin Martyr, First Apology

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Please consult the rubric file which will be used to evaluate your answer.