Princeton Information Technology Sports Psychology Questions

You may use your textbook and any notes you have taken as resources during this exam. You may NOT use other PEOPLE as resources.

Answer all 5 of these questions. Each question should be answered in about one paragraph, using ONLY YOUR OWN WORDS and using good grammar, spelling, etc.

1.CHAPTER 1: Name and explain each of the 3 types of sport psychologists. Give an example of one scenario in which oneof the types of sport psychologists would be called upon for help.

2. CHAPTER 2: Explain the gravitational hypothesis. Do you agree with it? Why or why not? Give examples to support your answer.

3.. CHAPTER 3: Provide one real or hypothetical example applying each of the 4 elements in Bandura’s self-efficacy theory in order to enhance the self-efficacy of an athlete or artist.

4. CHAPTER 4: Explain and give an example of each of the 2 types of motivational climates (i.e., mastery and competitive). How could you, as a coach, promote a mastery climate?

5. CHAPTER 5: Explain what is meant by “reversed-dependency trap.” Describe an experience or observation you have had/made of this concept in real life. Do you think it is a positive or negative phenomenon? In what way?