PRJ 2230 Troy University Tweeting Under False Circumstances Case Study Discussion

1. Read the case study (pages 16-18)

2. Answer the following questions in full sentences using the PRSA Code of Ethics as a guide for your answers along with what you have learned from the textbook chapter: (Links to an external site.) What is your expectation of authenticity on social media? Do you expect that all social media posts are made by the account holder? If you found out that a person’s social media account was managed by a team, would that make you less likely to follow that account?Suppose Defren decided to not disclose that the posts made on the CEO’s account were made by a team. Does this create any ethical dilemmas?Suppose the organization did not like Defren’s suggestion of using #team or the use of a predisclosure about team posts. How should a practitioner handle this type of situation?How does authenticity relate to specific social media platforms? For example, is there a greater expectation of authenticity on Twitter than, say, on Instagram?