Rayners College Booming Africa and State Capitalism Article Review

A Review Article is a concise paper, usually written by an editor that compares all recent findings on a specific topic or theme. To earn 20% of your total grade this term you must create a 500-word (+ or – 25 words is acceptable) review article tying together any two textbook chapters. Your article must be one typed page (single-spaced, 12-point times new roman font with no more than 1” margins on all sides).As this is a significant portion of a grade – write the very best paper you can! It will make for a perfect writing sample to accompany any interview portfolio.A sample review article has been provided for you under the Files tab. Chapters not covered this term should be avoided, but you are encouraged to select chapters that may not have obvious linkages.

Attached below is a sample review paper provided by my prof and 2 chapters from my text book to write the article. Please use any 2 chapter from the chapters that i uploaded.