Relationship between trance, spirit, possession and shamanism according to Lewis

The answer should be based on close work with the texts assigned before the prompt, rather than your own personal opinions. Substantiate your answers with specific references to the texts and authors assigned.

What is the relationship between trance, spirit, possession, and shamanism, according to Lewis? How can Lewis’ article and arguments be connected to Furst and Coe’s account of Mayan intoxicating enemans and Harner’s account of Amazonian shamanism? According to Greenfield and to Hutson, how can trance (or a state of consciousness achieved at a rave, in the case of Hutson) promote healing?

*400 WORDS*

*READ PAGES 190-234 IN Pamela Moro anthology, “Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion: A Reader in the Anthropology of Religion, 9th Edition*