Rutgers Newark Hardin and Bookchin Theory Environmental Ethics Comparison Paper

In a 4-5 page essay, compare Hardin and Bookchin’s respective environmental ethics through the lens of their view of humanity and human nature. What does each theory say, implicitly or explicitly, about human beings and their behaviors and orientations to their environments? How do these premises determine the kinds of environmental ethics that follow from them? In light of this, which theory seems most tenable to you, from both a social and environmental perspective—that is, which theory presents the most compelling interpretation of human nature as well as the best solution to the problem of environmental degradation?

Requirements: At least four full pages, but not more than 5. Answer the prompt questions in detail in a well written paper. Native English level writing is expected. The two primary sources above are the ones you should mainly use as reference in the paper. 3 Additional scholarly references please.