San Diego State University James Marcia Theory of Identity Status Discussion

For this learning activity you will need to be familiar with James Marcia’s Theory of Identity Status.

1. Select two domains in your life, such as career/vocational identity, political identity, religious identity, to evaluate in terms of your identity status, using Marcia’s theory.

2. For each of these domains, determine which identify status (foreclosure, diffusion, moratorium, achievement) best describes your current status. Explain why you believe this to be the case. (3 or 4 sentences for each domain)

3. To the best of your recollection, what was your identify status in each of these two domains when you were a junior or senior in high school? How would you explain the change or stability in your identify status within each domain from that time to the present? (3 or 4 sentences for each domain).

4. Do you anticipate any additional changes in your identify status in these two domains over the next 5 years? Why, or why not? (3 or 4 sentences)