SCI 100 SNHU Funding in Research & Question Development Worksheet


Using one of the two articles under the Choose One: Short Answer section of the module reading, explain in 1–2 paragraphs why you think scientific evidence provided by Patterson or by researchers examining the effects of second-hand cigarette smoke was countered so strongly by the big petroleum and tobacco companies. How do you think the “big money” provided by these industries to fund alternate research efforts reflects the importance of the role of funding in research?

PART 2 : Instructions

Review the Question Development Worksheet Sample. This may help provide some guidance on completing the worksheet before submitting Project 2. Prior to submission, ensure that you are meeting the basic requirements outlined in the rubric below. Pay careful attention to the “Supporting Work and Resources” section in the rubric below to help pull together the information you have already collected for this assignment.

Question Development Worksheet Template

To complete this assignment, review the Project 2 Guidelines and Rubric document.