Short Essay Philosophy

-I want to do short essay (2-3 pages double spaces) by answer those question.

-Please don’t use too much academic words.

-Read the sources which I provided carefully to take idea.

-Please don’t take any idea from out source.

-I have a main source that Reading: Aquinas, The Five Ways; Leibniz, On the Ultimate Origination of the Universe. ( the document I provided below).

-In addition source B. Rechenbach, “Cosmological Argument”‑argument

Question: What is the Cosmological Argument for the existence of God? In particular, address all of the following points:

A) What is the Cosmological Arguments for the existence of God, developed by Aquinas (or by Leibnz, or consider some other typical form of the First Cause argument)? Explain in your own words.

B) Cosmological arguments assume that

1) Nothing can self-cause itself;

2) There cannot be an infinite chain (sequence) of cause (or movers, etc.)

State and explain some objections to each of these claims. Give an example if possible. Given these assumptions, what caused God? Explain!

C) Assume that there is the First Cause (the First Unmoved Mover). Do we really know that God is this mover? Do we know that this mover is omniscient, omnipotent and omnibenevolent, purely spiritual, creator ex-nihilo, constantly active in the world, necessary and eternal being, and so on? Why or why not? Explain!