Simon Fraser University Media Popular Culture and the Working Class HW

1. 500 to 750 words long. In the journal, you’re expected to apply a concept from the reading(s) for that week to an instance of working-class representation from outside of the course.

in other words, The assignment asks you to take a concept you learn from the readings (possibly one which I go over in lecture) and use it to analyze a depiction of the working class from outside of the course. It’s meant to get you analyzing media and popular culture using the ideas we learn.

2. Students should explain their chosen theory in detail and how it fits with their case study. This means providing examples of how representation in the text conforms or does not conform to the theory.

3. please use simple sentence structure and words as possible.

4. at the end please come up with a question that one or two sentences long, based in a weekly reading or readings, and MUST demonstrate a familiarity with the text(s).