Simon Fraser University Precarious Labour and the Future of Work HW

1.To garner top grades in this assignment, at least three (3) insights from a team-mate will need to be informally used and cited (e.g. “I thank my teammate Jenny for this idea…”) within the 2-3 page essay.

2.In your two-page (3-page maximum) Critical Analysis, you may select from this list of possible approaches to take. Students may select one of these or several, or come up with another approach. (a) Distill common themes across several (two, or three or more) readings for that week.(b) Identify similar or contradictory arguments expressed by the authors of the week’s readings. That is, can you and your team identify any debates, or tensions, or contradictions in the readings? Or did you encounter some major points of consensus amongst the authors on certain points?(c) Undertake a critical analysis of two or more articles, consisting of some of the following elements of Critical Thinking

3.Avoid Descriptive Summaries

The best tip to keep in mind is that this is a Critical Analysis of readings; it is NOT a summary of readings. Your audience has already read the readings, making it your task to advance their thinking about the readings. Of course, you should provide a brief summary of the reading as a reminder to your audience, say, a brief summary of the topic area, or the research question posed, or the author’s core objective or argument. This is to refresh the audience’s memory.

4.Cite Ideas, but Use Informal Citation Style

5.please use simple words and sentence structure as possible