SOC 101 Community College of Philadelphia Super Bowl 2020 Commercials Analysis

You are going to sociologically analyze a commercial. Video instructions are at the bottom of this page.

1) Find a Super Bowl 2020 commercial (look on YouTube and other video sites for a clip and please make sure your commercial is American intended for American audiences. You MUST select a clip from Super Bowl 2020 – a commercial from any other year but 2020 will receive a zero grade. DO NOT USE MOVIE TRAILERS.

2) Using readings from Chapter 3 as a guide, write two to three pages explaining how the advertisement you chose relates to at least four of the following terms. BOLD the terms in your homework so that you get credit for them: IdeologyCulture SubcultureValues and norms SocializationReflection theory HegemonyRacism Sexism

* the paper needs to be in essay format introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion.

3) Be sure include a link to the clip so I can see what you are analyzing! Your grade will suffer if you do not complete this step. Be sure to use spell check and proof read your paper too!

i will include you a link below with a video explaining how to do the assignment