Social Action Project on challenges facing cultural groups

For this project, i chose oppression in women as the : challenge faced , and with Indigenous people as the : cultural group.

There are 4 Tasks :
1- Research
– You will research about this issue ( oppression in indigenous women) and create a bibliography with minimum of 6 sources.
– Must include at least one primary source
– Each annotation should be about 100-150 words
– The annotated bibliography must be in alphabetical order (APA format)

2- Communication Plan
– Brainstorm a number of communication methods that could be used to put your plan into action. Address the following questions: How will you share your ideas? How will you educate people? Encourage participation? Advertise the event?
(This communication method will be the actual product you create for evaluation in Task 3, such as a web page, pamphlet, poster, news article for spreading awareness)
-Complete a pros and cons list for two methods of communication so you can determine which you feel would be most effective for your chosen action.

3- Publish action plan
– Design/ create one of the two methods you chose above (pamphlet, web page, posted etc. )

4- Metacognition
-You will now write a journal response to share what was likely to be the positive impact of your action. (250 words)
– Reflect on what roadblocks you might encounter and where you could improve your impact. (250 words)

I have attached a sample work for you below on how it should be like as well as the sample annotation in the annotated bibliography.

Please do not plagiarize from anywhere and explore the websites you choose for the research.

Thank you.