Southern Methodist University Child Development Journal

You are to read and review/critique a scholarly journal article on a topic in child psychology/child development relevant to this course published since 2010 (do not include adolescent development, as that is in another course). The article must be primary research (i.e., not a literature review, review article itself, magazine/newspaper, blog, etc.) The appropriateness of the article, written expression and reflective critique will be assessed.

You are to submit the original article (attached as a PDF, not just a link), as well as a 4-5 page (double spaced).

Suggested questions to consider:

Was there a large enough sample?

What research model did they use? What would you have used?

Is this research valid? It is truly testing what it is meant to be testing?

What did the authors conclude? Do you agree with their conclusions?

Is this research useful to clinicians?

What did you think of this journal article?

What new learning can you take from this article that applies to your own life?

start out with a summary of the article, including the purpose, methods, and main findings (done in 1 page only so that the bulk of the paper is on your critique). Then the questions above asked were integrated into the paper in a well-written way with analytical critiques (positive and negative) of the research. As per the instructions, 4-5 pages double spaced.

-Below i will attach a word document of how to find a scholarly article.

-As well i will attach one of the students journal/ article they chose as a pdf as an example to show you how the structure should be but it cant be the same.