Strategic Plan document. Be sure to follow APA citation style.


– Develop a strategic plan for your healthcare organization

The Situation:

– You have recently been hired by one of the Board members of B.B. Clinic, Spongebob S. Pants as the new CEO.

– As the new CEO, Your assignment is to implement a new Health Information System for the Clinic.

– Mr. S. Pants wants you to develop a Strategic Plan that gives an overview of how you plan to succeed.

Things to Consider:

– Strategic Plan:

– Executive Summary (why Health Information System is needed)

– Vision and mission Statement

– Assumptions (list these)

– Goals and Objectives (list these)

– Steering Committee

– Who represents your committee members/role of individuals

– Meeting goals, priorities, role

– Meeting frequency, times, locations, etc.

– Project Management Plan

– Tools, applications, methods, etc.

– goals defined, objectives, etc.

– project timeline, phases defined

– HIS Roles

– Team members involved in your strategic plan – who/role

– Implementation:

– HIS Type, Basic vs Comprehensive – which are you implementing and why

– Steps to go-live

– Phases of implementation – list what may take place during your implementation

– Training Plan

– Support Plan

Include any additional key components of a Strategic plan you think would be important to include to make sure your boss and the organization (the clinic) understands how you plan to have a successful HIS/EHR implementation.