Trident Personality And Behavioral Patterns Discussion

In accordance with the timeframe for your slp work the task at hand for the second module entails preparing an introduction presenting an overview of the issue you have chosen to purse for this course component (that is, the issue you chose to address from the four choices) This overview should be 2-3 paragraphs in length identifying and further describing the issue to be addressed, along with subsequent sub-topics/details on the identified issue.

Your overview should be labeled introduction and should conclude with specific Research Question or questions pertaining to your selected issue.

Your topic for this paper should focus on one of these specific research questions:

How do traumatic experiences in childhood impact us later in life? Do they affect our ability to cope with subsequent traumatic experiences (either positively or negatively)? Do they somehow make us prone to experience more trauma later in life, and if so, how might that happen?

Note: Your Introduction should be end with one of these either word-for word or re-worded. For EX. my introduction might start with a general statement about the role of negative experience in our growth and development, define Trauma as a particular type of negative event, and then define PTSD while presenting statistics about the prevalence of PTSD in society. I might then end my introduction with, This paper will address the questions. What do we know about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)? What psychological symptoms are associated with it, and what effective treatments exists today (if any) to manage those symptoms?

Your paper must go to address any and all research questions posed in this introductory section. Be sure to support your statements with references and cite all resources.

This paper is expected to be in APA format