UChicago William T Grant Foundation Discussion

I am writing about the William T Grant Foundation. Use the William T. Grant Foundation as my research topic

Throughout the course, you have identified some key grant proposal elements. You must now clarify how objectives will be achieved and what activities will lead to that achievement. These components have probably been on your mind since Week 1, when we first began talking about grant proposals. However, clarifying the rationale must also be communicated to funders.

Likewise, a grant seeker must have a plan for evaluating the project and for determining how results will be evaluated. A prospective funder wants assurance that an effective evaluation plan will be in place if a grant is awarded. An evaluation plan addresses whether or not the project had the desired impact as it was carried out; this is important information for funders who are investing in a project.

In recent years, evaluation plans have become increasingly important to prospective funders. Competition for grants is intense, and funders must feel confident that money will be well spent and that projects can be appropriately evaluated. This is an important consideration for the grant seeker as well. Your organization or agency will also want to be assured that the time and effort put into a project proves that the objectives are met and, if not, why.Consider in this Discussion, the outcomes you wish to achieve for your potential client organization or agency through the Introduction to the Professional Administrative Study (PAS).Post the outcomes you wish to achieve for your potential client organization through the PAS. Then, discuss how you might measure those outcomesPlease I am writing about the William T. Grant FoundationRequired ReadingsBrown University. (n.d.). Writing an evaluation plan. Retrieved September 4, 2017, from https://www.brown.edu/research/conducting-research…
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