UDC Discourse on Method and Meditations on First Philosophy Paper

please read carefully and write about what is need asking from the quot and book.

Note : please not copy from online or plagiarism.

For the two sentences below, give:

1) an explanation of what Descartes means in the passage quoted bellow ?

2) the general context in which it occurs, and

3) how that which Descartes intends to communicate through the quote fits into the Discourse as a whole.( the book is attached for this)

“For these notion made me see that it is possible to arrive at knowledge that would be very useful in life and that, in place of that speculative philosophy taught in the schools, it is possible to find a practical philosophy, by means of which knowing the force and the actions of fire, water, air, the stars, the heavens, and all the other bodies that surround us, just as distinctly as we know the various skills of our craftsmen, we might be able, in the same way, to use them for all the purposes for which they are appropriate, and thus to render ourselves, as it were, masters and possessors of nature. . . . It is true that the medicine currently practiced contains few things whose usefulness is so noteworthy, but without intending to ridicule it, I am sure there is no one, not even among those who make a profession of it, who would not admit that everything known in medicine is practically nothing in comparison with what remains to be known, and that one could rid oneself of an infinity of maladies, as much of the body as of the mind, and even perhaps also the frailty of old age; if one had a sufficient knowledge of their causes and of all the remedies that nature has provided for us.” (Discourse on Method, p. 35