University of California Environment and Transportation Paper

This week you will submit your Team Draft for review. Your Team Draft should reflect the progress you have made in completing each milestone related to the Course Project in the earlier weeks, synthesize ideas that you have developed as a team, and highlight the key areas of analysis you have identified throughout the course.

As you prepare your Team Draft this week, be sure to closely study the Final Project Rubrics located in the Course Project section in the Introduction & Resources Module. These rubrics will help guide your team in the right direction and focus your efforts this week as you complete your drafts and streamline the team components.

The Team Draft should be 15–20 pages in length and follow APA standards. Team members should provide their names at the beginning of their sections for evaluation. This is a team assignment.Grading Rubric

This assignment is worth 75 points. See the Grading Rubric below.




Introduction and Conclusion

The introduction is clear and provides an overview of key issues addressed in the section. The team thesis and ethical context is clearly stated. The conclusion provides a summary of the argument and focuses on recommendations and future outlook.



The Team Draft is organized logically and has a clear development trajectory. The structure of the draft is in alignment with the Team Outline and achieves a level of consistency with the team documents.


Evidence and Topic Development

Concrete and detailed evidence is used to support claims and develop the topic. Evidence is used in a variety of ways and is appropriate to the context.


Analysis and Critical Thinking

Thoughtful analysis is performed to help situate the evidence within the team argument and provide engagement with the topic.


Transitions and Unification

There are clear transitions and fluid use of structure and style details to unify individual sections to produce a cohesive argument and recommendations.


Style and Format Conventions are consistent and unified. The formatting adheres to APA standards. Citations are complete and properly formatted.