University of South Florida Parents Infants and Drama of Early Attachment Discussion

Complete 1-3 below.

Your best friend is expecting a baby. What specific advice would you offer for early infant care that will support developing a strong attachment between baby and parents?Given the social interactions typical of preschool-age children, make several recommendations for how a day care center could foster cooperation among children.Your 3-year-old nephew loves baby dolls, and your somewhat ”traditional” sister is very concerned. Explain the development of sex-typed behavior to your sister, and reassure her about her son.

Your submission should be 2-3 double spaced pages with one-inch margins using Times New Roman 12-point font.

Activity 4 will be graded according to the rubric below:





2-1All requirements were completed.

No spelling/grammar errors.

Neat, organized, and/or creative.

Answers show mastery of content and deeper analysis/understanding of the content.Most requirements were completed.

Very few spelling/grammar errors.

Mostly neat, organized and/or creative.

Answers show some analysis. Student’s answer shows mastery and understanding of content. Some requirements were completed.

Several spelling/grammar errors.

Somewhat neat, organized and/or creative.

Answers show some understanding of essential content, but is lacking in greater analysis and evidence.Few requirements were completed.

More than several spelling/grammar errors.

Messy, poorly organized and/or largely uncreative.

Answers do not show understanding of basic content. Answers show that mastery of the general content is missing.Product does not address the assignment or is off topic entirely.

Many spelling/grammar errors.

Very messy, extremely unorganized and/or lacks creativity entirely.

Answers are not on prompt or track.