University of Washington Seattle Psychological Variables Amid Covid 19 Pandemic Paper

You will study the relationship between two variables in relation to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. For now, I want you to focus on the two primary variables you have chosen. Why are these variables important? How do you anticipate these psychological variables might relate to or be influenced by social isolation or quarantine during our current times? What other individual differences might influence these variables? For example, will there be gender differences? Are there other variables that might influence the two you have chosen? Think about these psychological variables, their relationship to one another, and how they might be influenced by, or interact with issues related to COVID-19. The Two variables that i chose are Extraversion, Need to Belong Leary, Kelly, Cottrell, & Schreindorfer, 2013 . I will upload a file to give an example of the style format.

I will be plugging in a results file to give you the statistics for the experiment so you can implement the numbers.