Walden University CD and ODD Case Scenario Paper

CD and ODD Case Scenario Assignment

1. Go to ODD and CD

2. Read “Example of ODD” below to answer the following questions :

Ten year-old Jessie has been irritable and easily annoyed for over a year now. She often “talks back” to adults or is generally disrespectful. Her parents feel like she is constantly “testing boundaries” by blatantly breaking rules, such as staying up past her bedtime or going to friends’ houses without permission. Over the past year at school, Jessie has been sent to detention about once a week for arguing with the teacher or picking fights with other students. Her grades have also declined considerably in the past year but she blames her teacher, complaining “she gives me a hard time because she hates me.”

3. Based on the example, suggest two target behaviors for intervention that are observable, can be operationally defined, and can be measured repeatedly ove r time. For each target behavior , include an example operational definition and suggest how it might be measured. Please type your responses below.

Target Behaviors



Target Behavior 1

Operational Definition

Measurement Suggestion



Target Behavior 2

Operational Definition

Measurement Suggestion

4. Review the table identifying evidence-based treatments for CD and ODD . As a reminder, you just need to review these as part of this step.

5. Select one of the following two articles describing an evidence-based intervention for children with CD and ODD .

Cautilli , J., & Dziewolska , H. (2004). A brief report: The neutralizing effects of stimulus control

intervention for sleep on escape behavior and token performance of a nine-year-old child with oppositional defiant disorder . Journal of Early and Intensive Behavior Intervention, 1(2), 232.

Wahler , R. G., Vigilante, V. A., & Strand, P. S. (2004). Generalization in a child’s oppositional

behavior across home and school settings. Journal of applied behavior analysis, 37(1), 43-51.

6. Provide a brief summary of the article describing the participants, target behaviors, intervention, and results (be sure to indicate which article you selected) .

Article Selected: please search ( A Brief Report: The Neutralizing Effects of Stimulus Control Intervention For Sleep On Escape Behavior and Token Performance Of a Nine-Year-Old Child With Oppositional Defiant Disorder byJoseph Cautilli Halina Dziewolska St. Joseph’s University

Written summary


Target variables/behaviors

Intervention procedures