Waldorf University Cognitive Development, Mid Childhood and IQ Discussion

write minimum 600 words based on the instructions


Page 1: Cognitive Development, Culture (10 pts) – 300 words Let’s pretend the pandemic is over and students are returning to school under “normal” circumstances. Oh, and you are in charge of UIC. You find that many students want to return to the classroom, but you also find that many students prefer to stick with online instruction. It is your job to tell professors teaching large lecture classes (150+ students) how to set-up their course. What do you think would be the ideal set-up and how would your plan be consistent with the principles of “scaffolding” and “zone of proximal development”? (1 page).

Page 2: Mid Childhood and IQ (10 pts) – 300 wordsBased on our discussion of lead exposure in Chicago, discuss one other environmental factor that impacts the academic performance of students in the Chicagoland area that you believe does not receive sufficient attention (½ page). 150 wordsBased on our discussion of IQ testing, discuss two skills/abilities that you believe are particularly important for success in 2020 that are not measured by typical IQ tests. (½ page).

Overall quality of writing and editing (5 pts) – 150 words

NOTE: To maximize your grade, make sure to demonstrate knowledge of the concepts we have discussed in class in addition to making effective arguments. There should be NO citations or outside references, we are interested in your opinions and arguments based on the lecture and textbook material.