Waldorf University Understanding the Poor Law Paper

write just 600 words based on the discussion below. Cite in text with page number only the attached document!! (i will attach one more too)

There are two reading materials and need to be writing in APA Style. You may also use other external resource to write the answer. Basically it is about discussion the poor law influence in America

The Elizabethan Poor Laws existed unchanged in England, the American Colonies, and later, the United States for 250 years. While as a complete system of welfare, they do not exist anymore, some of the core principles, values, and beliefs about what causes poverty and the poor themselves still exist in American society and within our current Welfare System.

Can you detect any societal beliefs about poverty and the poor that can be traced to the Elizabethan Poor Laws? Think about all the disparate components of our system such as social security, food stamps, health care, public assistance, work program, child welfare, and mental health. Back-up your claims with examples from current policy.

Those are question about this discussion. This question is more about understanding not politicizing.