Which chapter interested you the most why? How did what you learn challenge your way of thinking

5 full-length pages and no longer than 7 full-length pages, double-spaced, 12-point font, and the standard 1.25 inch margins on each side and 1 inch margins on top and bottom in Microsoft Word using MLA format for citations. No cover page is needed, type your name, date, course and section number and the question number you are answering at the top of the first page (this should be single spaced). There is no need to write out the question you are answering. In answering your final exam essay, you should use your textbook for at least two references in addition any outside material. Make sure you cite when necessary, but your essay should not consist completely of citations. Your own reasoning should be apparent in your essay; citations should only be used to support the point you are making. Your essay will be evaluated on through understanding of the question, a well-reasoned and logical argument, clear and concise writing, impeccable grammar. dont use wikipedia