drug and crime, sociology homework help

1. Describe in detail and explain the difference between the freelance and business models. Respond in 200 words.

2. Describe the four major methods of apprehension used by law enforcement in street level drug law enforcement, including any criticisms of these methods. Respond in200 words.

3. Discuss mandatory minimum sentencing in detail. Be sure to include the arguments for and against this type of sentencing and the changes made to mandatory minimum sentencing laws since their enactment. Respond in 200 words. 4. Discuss in detail the use of drug courts. How do they operate? Are they successful? Discuss the potential of drug courts to reduce: 1) the demand for illicit drugs and 2) the costs associated with the enforcement of drug laws. Respond in 200 words

Finding Partners, social science homework help

If possible, please select people from north Alabama, specifically, Huntsville.

Option # 1: Finding Partners

Most community action plans can benefit from recruiting partners—individuals or organizations that might help with the solution to the public health issue. These partners may have money, special tools or skills, and other resources.

Create a list of at least 10 local partners who might be willing to help you implement or develop your own Community Action Plan. Look ahead to Chapter 8 in your text for more details about how to identify stakeholders in your chosen community. Your list must include the potential partner’s name, comprehensive contact information (job title, address, phone, website, and any assistants’ names), and a short explanation of why you think he/she/it would be useful to your project. List why you think that particular partner might be interested in joining your effort—that is, what is the benefit to the partner in doing so?

Your partners could come from the following (don’t be limited by this list):Government officials (state, regional, local or federal)Local health/public health department agent(s)Non-profits or non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Think broadly. For example, consider national and local organizations (e.g., men’s and women’s organizations, schools, government-funded services, and volunteer organizations). Businesses. Businesses often help fund or implement community projects.Schools. Colleges or universities may have grants, special departments, or clubs/organizations.Churches or faith-based organizations

Instructions:Write a well-organized list that is a 2-3 page paper, not including the title and reference pages, which are required.The paper must be formatted correctly using APA style. Remember, all research material used in your paper must be paraphrased and include an in-text citation.Your paper must be properly cited and formatted according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements.This is an individual paper; however, you should reflect on our Discussion Forums and incorporate ideas from there, as appropriate.Be sure you utilize your text appropriately as a reference and cite at least one other credible external reference such as a website or journal article to support your proposed resolution of the case.Your external sources can be trade publications, government information, newspaper articles, or scholarly or peer-reviewed journal articles journal articles. The CSU-Global Library is a good place to find these sources.Turn the paper in via the Submissions Folder.

Pros and Cons of Sacred Community Discussion

Sacred Communities

In a paragraph, discuss the pros and cons of sacred community (institutionalized religion).

You may draw on your own experience and observation as well as ideas presented in the video lectures.Be sure to address both the pros (strengths) and cons (weaknesses)


In a paragraph, discuss the role of rituals in your own life. Specifically.Identify the kinds of rituals (religious or not) you participate in (or used to) (give some specific examples as well as note the category of ritual it falls into – at least one “rite of passage” and one “calendar” ritual).Discuss the function these rituals play in your life

Insider vs Outsider

In a paragraph (at least 200 words), respond to both prompts:When it comes to religion, are you an “insider” (a committed believer) or an “outsider”?How might your position affect your study of religion positively (strengths) and negatively (weaknesses)?

Managing Boundaries in the Helping Process

Please put parts 1 and 2 together in a single document and submit one complete assignment to the Dropbox.

Part 1:

Managing boundaries is an everyday reality faced by human service professionals, particularly those who live and practice in small communities. Helpers who work in rural communities may have greater challenges in dealing with multiple relationships than those who work in urban areas. In 3 to 4 pages, explore the issues below. Please use APA subheadings and title the sections scenario 1, 2, and 3. Your response should include a minimum of four scholarly sources, one of which must be the National Organization of Human Services Code of Ethics.

Scenario 1:A human service professional discovers that all of her bank accounts are at the local bank where a client works as a teller. This client has access to the human service professional’s financial information and may be able to ascertain who the human service professional’s other clients are in town when checks are deposited.

Scenario 2:A human service professional sees one of his clients at the local grocery store. The client is with one or more other persons. The human service professional, who is mindful of confidentiality, must decide how to respond. If he doesn’t acknowledge the client, will the client feel snubbed? On the other hand, what if the human service professional approaches the client to say hello and the client doesn’t want others to know that he or she is working with the human service professional?

Scenario 3:A human service professional has been invited to a dinner party hosted by a friend. She is not aware of the fact that the friend’s son is dating one of her new clients, who also attends the party. Upon seeing her client at her friend’s party, the human service professional must decide how to respond. This scenario can be taken in a number of directions. For example, what if the client has concerns with the human service professional’s friend because the son constantly complains about him/her? What if the client identifies as being gay and is romantically involved with the friend’s son, but his parent (the human service professional’s friend) does not know that he is gay? There are several more possibilities as well.

Part 2:

Increasingly, clients or former clients want to become “friends” with their human service professional via the Internet. For helping professionals who are considering using Facebook, a host of ethical concerns about boundaries, dual relationships, confidentiality, and privacy arise. Refer to activity #10 in Chapter 8 above (Confidentiality and Privacy in a Technological World) for some ideas on how to work with this material. In 2 to 3 pages, please summarize what you would do in this situation. Your response should include a minimum of four scholarly sources, one of which must be the National Organization of Human Services Code of Ethics.

Provide appropriate citations and references for any information you use in this paper. For help with citations, refer to the Plagiarism Guide found in Kaplan Academic Tools. For additional writing help, visit the Kaplan University Writing Center and review the guidelines for research, citation, and plagiarism.

human service professional when working with various types of groups

In Chapter 11 in the textbook, you examined the skills you will need as a human service professional when working with various types of groups. You will engage in interpersonal communication daily. This includes talking with colleagues, responding to clients, and giving directions in group settings. You also examined the skills a human service professional should obtain in order to understand group dynamics and process. The professional needs to understand how various group settings can be useful when working with different work populations. The human service professional utilizes their interpersonal skills daily. These skills include the following:Talking with co-workersGiving or responding to a complimentMaking new friendsAsking for a dateCommunicating via text, instant messaging, or emailMaintaining, repairing, or ending relationshipsApplying for a jobGiving directions

As a human service professional, you will find yourself utilizing interpersonal communication skills both nonverbal and verbal. These skills allow you to be effective in forming successful personal and professional relationships.How might your interpersonal skills be utilized to obtain valuable interaction in group settings?How might your skills as a human service professional establish realistic and clear treatment goals for group members?You have read the different stages of groups which include the pregroup stage, initial stage; transition stage, working stage, and final stage do not always provide easy transition. What tasks will you as a human service professional utilize to become an effective group leader?What skills and/or strategies will you use for challenging and resistant group members?

Please remember to cite your work using APA format when referencing from the text or outside resources.

Social Justice and Social Change

n many of the Assignments in the course, you employed ethical decision making in order to recommend solutions to ethical issues within government and nonprofit organizations. As a current or future public administrator in a government or nonprofit organization, you must act responsibly and ethically to ensure positive social change. One way to promote the ethical conduct of your organization is to utilize ethical decision making effectively. However, decision making often has consequences for different groups.. For example, a decision that positively affects a domestic population might negatively impact a foreign population.

In this Discussion, you consider the impact of ethical decision making on positive social change.By Day 3

Post an explanation of the impact of ethical decision making on positive social change. Summarize specific examples of the ethical decisions you proposed throughout the course and explain how they might promote positive social change. Finally, explain any negative impacts in terms of social change that this decision making might have.

Support your postings and responses with specific references to the resources.Cooper, T. L. (2012). The responsible administrator: An approach to ethics for the administrative role (6th ed.). New York, NY: Jossey-Bass. Chapter 10, “Conclusion: Responsible Administration” (pp. 255–269)Frederickson, H. G. (1990). Public administration and social equity. Public Administration Review, 50(2), 228–237.
Note: Retrieved from Walden Library databases.
Mittelman, J. H. (2002). Making globalization work for the have nots. International Journal on World Peace, 19(2), 3–25.
Note: Retrieved from Walden Library databases.
Walzer, M. (2011). Achieving global and local justice. Dissent, 58(3), 42–48.
Note: Retrieved from Walden Library databases.
Yeager, S. J., Bartley Hildreth, W., Miller, G. J., & Rabin, J. (2007). The relative effects of a supervisory emphasis on ethical behavior versus political responsiveness. Public Integrity, 9(3), 265–283.
Note: Retrieved from Walden Library databases.
Optional ResourcesLamont, J., & Favor, C. (2013). Distributive justice. In E. N. Zalta (Ed.), The Stanford encyclopedia of philosophy (Spring 2013 ed.). Retrieved from http://plato.stanford.edu/archives/spr2013/entries…

Slote, M. (2010). Justice as a virtue. In E. N. Zalta (Ed.), The Stanford encyclopedia of philosophy (Fall 2010 ed.). Retrieved from http://plato.stanford.edu/archives/fall2010/entrie…


Complete the Topic 3 short answer questions worksheet. Provide short answers of 75- 150 words each for the following questions/statements. Do not exceed 250 words for your response. Use the textbook and any other scholarly resources to support your responses.

While APA style is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and documentation of sources should be presented using APA formatting guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

You are required to submit this assignment to Turnitin.

Textbook Information will be provided in PM.

Short Paper on Human Services Issue that needs more advocacy Male domestic violence victims , sociology homework help

You will submit a short paper after choosing a human services issue that you think needs more advocacy. THE ISSUE I WANT DISCUSSED IS MORE ADVOCACY FOR MALE VICTIMS IN DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. Make sure you define the issue and discuss how you would begin to advocate for the issue. Be certain to discuss the importance of the issue and include background history.

You will identify a new advocacy issue that defines and discusses the importance of the issue, while including pertinent historical background. Explore how this issue may positively impact your community or society as a whole, and explain how the issue might negatively be interpreted if education and proper communication is not conveyed in a timely manner. Identify communication strategies that could mitigate negative consequences.

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: Has this new advocacy issue been identified before? If so, why was it unsuccessful? If not identified before, provide an analysis of why this new advocacy issue should be recommended for legislative action. What common factors might interfere with implementation of a new legislative policy? Describe the challenges of enacting policy that might impede the desired social change. How might social and political factors impact the newly identified legislation? What economic matters need to be considered before submitting this advocacy issue for legislation? Provide examples to support your assertions. What legal or ethical issues might impact this newly identified legislation? How might beneficiaries be affected by the implementation of this legislation? Explain your answer and provide examples. What communication strategies might be effective in educating beneficiaries who are impacted by the legislation? What political challenges might you experience when utilizing these communication strategies? Guidelines for Submission: Your short paper must be submitted as a one- to two-page Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and at least three sources cited in APA format.

•Emily is a fifth-grade student who completed a standardized reading test, homework help

I have three-separate Statistics assignments that I need help with, These are relatively short-assignments. Attached separately are some of the supporting documentation. The first assignment and third-assignment’s are going to be the 2nd attachment. The second-attachment is going to be the first assignment. The last-two documents are going to be the data tables for the 3rd assignment.

Relationships can erode if self-monitoring does not take place

Relationships can erode if self-monitoring does not take place. In an MS Word document, share 3 examples of something that someone said to you recently that was important. Write out what you could have said using any of the listening response styles. Use the information below to guide you in creating your assignment (some examples are provided).Someone said to you: (i.e. my best friend called me to say she is getting a divorce)Listening Response 1: (i.e. Evaluating)How you would say it: (i.e. “That sounds like a really bad idea. Seems like you are just giving up on your marriage.”)Listening Response 2: (i.e. Questioning)How you would say it: (i.e. What? Why? Are you sure you guys can’t work it out? Have you considered counseling?”Listening Response 3: (i.e. Supporting)How you would say it: (i.e. I’m sure this is really hard for you and this hasn’t been an easy road. Even if you’ve been unhappy and you know it’s the right thing to do, it’s a hard thing to have to go through. I’m here for you if you want to talk about it anymore.)

Conclude your assignment with a response to the following questions: What type of response did you use? What did you say, and what effect did it have? Was there a better type of response you could have used? If so, explain.